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Welcome! Stellar Learning is a family owned business and reflects the values and vision of the two of us, founding partners and parents Rose and Tom Haferd. We care deeply about the future of our three children and are motivated by what we wish for and hope our children will achieve in life. We envision Stellar Learning Center as a vehicle for sharing our talents and insights with others and providing an environment for our very talented staff to do the same.

Rose Haferd, EdM:
Founding Partner, Evaluation Specialist:


Our center takes its inspiration from my private practice as a licensed educational psychologist. I love working with families to best understand the unique gifts or talents of each child and overcome any possible barriers that might interfere with learning. My work as a school psychologist puts me in many situations to serve children and families by providing accurate assessments and kind, caring and thoughtful counseling. Many school districts seek me out for specialized bilingual Haitian Creole assessments. I was born in Haiti and moved to the United States and settled in Cambridge when I was in elementary school.

Through experience with sheltered language immersion programs, I developed really good language skills, which helped me to find success in college and my career. I am fluent in several languages and most families appreciate my individualized approach when counseling students due to my empathy and deep insights into their concerns that are well researched outcomes for people who master multiple languages.

My assessment reports are carefully written so that families can readily recognize in the detailed findings a clear picture of their own child’s strengths and weaknesses. I hold a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education from Brandeis University. I completed my Master of Education degree with advanced certification in School Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University and completed my clinical apprenticeship in Manhattan.

Thomas Haferd, PhD :
Managing Partner, Math Specialist:


My passion for math and science and curiosity for innovation in science and technology led me to early professional experiences designing advanced electronic communication systems for MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. I also managed a private equity investment portfolio of early stage technology companies for what was at that time Boston’s largest bank. My passion for educating others took off when, 30 years ago, I started a non-profit supplemental program for educational skills (SPES) that addressed achievement gaps for boys and girls. The SPES Foundation supported a fun and challenging educational program serving thousands of children with academic enrichment, music and dance instruction.

Our math tutoring program uses many of the insights I collected over the years in various teaching, research and development roles. I value ways to make math more accessible to all students while also engaging them in fun and rigorous mathematical content. In my teaching at Wheelock College, I continue to learn so much from my graduate and undergraduate students as they work on number theory, quantitative analysis and statistics. Some of my former students are now elementary school teachers, and I trust they are doing justice to teaching math. Unfortunately, so many teachers of elementary children find math challenging to do and teach.

One lesson from my various experiences in education that inspire our approach is that learning is a very personal activity. It is best supported through connections made in the moment and with the support of skilled and caring instructors who know the content well but also have great interpersonal skills.

I love the transformation provided by education. In my case, it included many great journeys, leading eventually to my PhD in Organization and Leadership from Columbia University. Along the way, I also brought home a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, an MS in Operations Research from Columbia University, an MBA from Columbia Business School, and an MEd from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


“We provide a range of programs that use time efficiently and are designed to support areas of a child’s development which are otherwise difficult to find in either schools or homes.”

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